Working With A Professional Copywriter

The copywriter's job is to bring your story to life. No matter what your product, industry or profession, I will get to know you and fully explore the needs of your audiences. A compelling story that clearly presents your key messages will bridge you and your audience together. If you want someone who already knows the ins and outs of your profession to write an insiders guide to your profession with little input from you, hire a colleague. If you want to capture attention, engage, inform and inspire your audience, hire me. 


Step 1:

The Introduction

Step 2:

The Written Estimate

Step 3:

The Intake Session

Step 4:

Drafts and Revisions


My Process:

I’ve successfully completed countless projects for more than 300 clients (according to my billing software). I’ve also had a dozen or so clients where we parted ways early in or mid-way through a project. Sometimes you click, sometimes you don’t. That’s why I guarantee my work and offer clients a reasonable resolution and refund policy.

Copywriting is a collaborative process – I am happy to do all the heavy lifting, but the client must be able to give articulate feedback. You can say, “I don’t like this draft”, but we also have to discover why. I have a proven process for project estimates and intake sessions that reduces the chances of starting off on the wrong foot.

You are the front lines expert in your industry. I’m not here to become you; I’m here to tell your story.

My Mission:

I will work with just about every type of client – so long as the work doesn’t lie or cause harm to anyone. Some clients have asked me to write copy for products they know don’t work or make claims they know aren’t true. Others have asked me to “give me exactly what my competitor has, but change it just enough so we won’t get caught”. I won’t do that either, but I will offer a better alternative.

Instead of snowing the consumer, I prefer to focus on what makes my clients special. I’ve written websites for clients with decades of experience and others for startups with none. In both cases, I crafted compelling and articulate promises the client could deliver. The customer wins, the client wins, and I do too.

I also don’t work for free – or do jobs on spec. My clients get paid for what they do, as do I.