Marketing & Branding Services


Some clients know exactly who they are and what sets them well above the competition; others have yet to fully explore their brand’s potential. That’s where I come in.  



Key Message Development 

This is more than a list of “what” you do; it’s your “why” in vivid detail. Once potential clients are sold on your industry versus other routes to the same solution, they need to know why they should hire you or buy your product versus the competition. 

In a guided brand development session (in person or by phone/video), we can explore all aspects of your business and unlock key elements of your story that might be missing in your marketing communications.  


Business Names and Taglines 

Ian Hunter once sang, “All Of The Good Ones Are Taken” – but thankfully, that isn’t true about memorable business names, product names, and URLs. We just need to be clever and creative.  

On your behalf, I’ll undergo a detailed Brandstorming session to create 50 to 100 or more potential names or taglines that track to your key messages – so the end result isn’t just something that anyone can own, but something memorable that truly describes you (your company or product) and what sets you apart. 


Marketing Materials 

Websites and printed collateral are the bread and butter of my operation, but I can help with anything related to the written word to help you market your business.

This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Sales Letters 

  • Thank You Letters

  • Newsletters

  • Speeches

  • Video Scripts

  • Print, Radio and TV Ads

  • Blogs 

  • Social Media Posts 

  • Google AdWords 

  • Bios and “About Us” pages for Websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. 

  • PowerPoint Presentations 

  • Catalogs and Trade Show Material 

  • Banners