I ghost write editorial features on a wide variety of topics for authors, advocates, business leaders and brands around the world.  The topics range from love and marriage to adventure sports, clean energy, business marketing, and brand strategy.

My personal passions include music, TV, and the role gender plays in society and pop culture.



In 2017, I joined Diffuser for a yearlong project to fully explore the music, legacy and cultural wonder of Prince. Our mission – tell the complete stories of 365 Prince songs – one per day. We’ve picked hits, deep album cuts, collaborations, and unreleased vault tracks – even the most obscure songs have incredible stories about their creation, reception, legacy, and cultural impact. 

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I joined Popdose in 2012 as a contributing writer and new music editor; the platform gives its editors the full freedom to write about the bands, albums, TV series, movies and cultural moments of their choosing. My favorite contributions are band interviews, breaking new artists, and helping singers and songwriters make an honest living in the digital marketplace.

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On the page about My Writing, I discuss the pressure for people and brands to stay in their own lane. In both my professional and personal life, I am a champion for freedom – to be authentic and to express yourself as you see fit. I never thought I’d become a fashion advocate, but this column (the first in a series) tells that side of my story.

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