My Clients


Today, my clients include one of the world’s biggest beverage companies, a regional restaurant chain, prominent law firms, and large real estate ventures. To respect their privacy, I don’t reveal who they are or share any of the work I do, but references are available for qualified potential clients.

Since I launched this shop in 2010, I’ve written just about everything for just about everyone, including:

Health Foods • Snack Foods • Feminine Hygiene Products • Health Services (Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Etc.) • Trade Services (Builders, Roofers, Cleaners, Etc.) • Missile Defense Systems • Consumer Technology • Enterprise Technology • Real Estate • Financial Services • Cable Television Networks • and More...



I can help you name your business or your products and services, plus create a fitting and unique brand voice and marketing copy that gets you on the map – and most importantly ranked in Search.


Web Developers

Your client knows they need a new or refreshed website. They’ve selected their design and are ready to sign on the dotted line. You ask for photography and copy and they suddenly start slowly backing away…

“Yeah, sure, OK, we’ll be back soon.”

If your potential clients are having trouble delivering their copy – call me. We can have their story written in a matter of days or weeks, so while you design the site, I’ll craft and deliver the copy. I work with web developers all around the nation, they thank me for helping them close more sales and delivering projects on time and on budget.

Established Businesses

If it’s been a while since you updated your marketing materials, what you have might no longer reflect who you are. If business has leveled off or the types of customers you have aren’t the types of customers you want, I can help realign your business message to your goals.


Ad Agencies

If you have more work than available copywriters, I can help.

Need 50 more potential headlines to test with a design concept? Call me.

I’ve worked on Print, Digital, Outdoor and Radio campaigns for a variety of clients. I’m ready for my first TV campaign and will offer a sweetheart deal to the first client who signs up.